Payment Methods

The company Syllogi accepts the following methods for online or other orders.

1. Cash on delivery at natural shop (pick up).

2. Bank Account Deposit: You can deposit the money for your orders in our account. Contact us for the exact amount with the shipping costs and take advantage of the new feature of Web Banking! The deposit must be made no later than 3 working days from the date of registration of your order. Also, the shipping time of the product you have ordered starts counting from the day the deposit is made. In the depository you MUST write as a reason: your last name, first name and if you remember the order number. Mandatory, after depositing the money you can contact us by sending an e-mail to notify us of the deposit at
[email protected].
(ATTENTION possible bank charges must be chosen by you to be charged by the principal. In case the Bank charges Syllogi with commission or transaction costs, then you are obliged to pay this amount + VAT to pay for your order)
Alternatively you can contact us by phone. Once the deposit is made, an e-mail will be sent to you, stating exactly the date of sending your order and the medium that was sent.

Piraeus Bank
IBAN: GR9801711150006115020012106

Swift code ETHNGRAA
IBAN: GR7001102590000025940029702

3.Via Credit cards
– It is possible to pay for your order through the following credit cards:

1 Visa
2 Mastercard
3 Diners

Credit Card Transaction Security

– Purchases of products or services are made safely through a special service of Piraeus Bank.

– The screen / website in which you enter your card details is provided by Piraeus. The data
of your card are encrypted and sent to the issuer of your card for billing approval.

– Attention: This information is not disclosed to any third party (nor to the provider of the product / service you are purchasing).

The technologies and systems used to secure your markets include:

– Encryption of your card details (SSL 128).

The high level of security is ensured by the following:

– Card information (card number, CVV2, expiration date) is transmitted / transferred via the Internet in encrypted format (128-bit encryption) and is not accessible from our online store.

– The systems and procedures used by Piraeus exclude third parties from accessing its data and information systems.

– The management of the E-Commerce Service is done by authorized persons of the company, to whom passwords (username, password) are delivered.

– In case the issuing bank supports the use of a secret code for making online card payments, and the cardholder has received such a code, the Proxypay3 E-Commerce Service automatically asks our customer to enter his secret code.

– In conclusion, Proxypay3 E-Commerce follows the best international practices in the field of e-commerce payments and is also fully compliant with VbV (Verified by Visa) specifications for secure online card payments. All transactions you make through our online store are governed by International and European law, which regulates issues related to e-commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which regulates issues related to distance sales.

In case you choose to pay by credit card you must be present at the receipt of your order with your credit card and your ID. In this case (ie payment by credit card) it is not allowed to receive the order from a third party. To pick up from a store, the credit card holder must provide his credit card and ID. The same applies if you order on behalf of a company. In this case the card must be corporate and the name of the recipient must be written on the card.

In case the cash on delivery method does not apply, you can choose between a credit card or by deposit in a bank account.

By receiving and paying for your order in the store.

Place your order from and pick up your products the next day from the store.